Path Breaker New 6th generation

Apple orchard mowers with swing arms

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Professional engineer design

Experienced many years of field work verification


Path Breaker S5, cutting width 2.7 meters, apple orchard mower

swing arm mower for orchards and solar farms

extra cushioning, adjustable thrust, rubber rings it's easy to clean


Path Breaker S5, rotary mower with swing arm


Path Breaker S4, cutting width 2.2 meters, suitable for orchard of 4 meters


Path Breaker S3, cutting width 1.7 meters, suitable for 3m orchard


Path Breaker X5 with 2 swing arm, cutting width 2.6 meters

suitable for 2.5m apple orchard


Path Breaker S35, cutting width 2.2 meters

suitable for 3.5m apple orchard


Path Breaker vineyard and orchard mower

attend National Forestry Exhibition


Working at some provinces of china

apple orchard mower apple orchard best mower
Apple orchard and Vineyard, Tianjin Green Tree,  Hebei Province
apple orchard mower apple orchard best mower
Apple orchard, Liaoning Province Agricultural Hi-Tech Expo, Shaanxi Province
apple orchard mower apple orchard mower
Peach and Cherry orchard, Beijing Berry orchard, Heilongjiang Province
apple orchard mower apple orchard mower
Peach orchard, Henan Province Nursery, Hebei Province
apple orchard mower orchard and farm mower
Pear Tree, Henan Province Leechee Orchard, Hainan Province
orchard and farm mower apple orchard mower
Nursery, Shanxi Province Apple orchard, Shaanxi Province

Mowing around trees, fence posts and solar panels
The Path Breaker swing arm mowers series S/X have been developed to make mowing between and around tree trunks, fence posts and solar panels easier whilst avoiding damage to the obstacle.

Rubber surrounded swinging arm
When the rubber surround of the swing arm touches the obstacle, the wheel rotates and deflects the swinging arm and its cutting blade away from it. As soon as the springloaded swinging arm has passed the obstacle it automatically returns to its original position.

Adjustable thrust
No need to disassemble components, you can adjust the thrust of swinging arm.

Excellent terrain adjustment
Two back support wheels and several front support wheels provide the necessary stability and excellent terrain adjustment to this series of orchard rotary mowers with swing arm. To protect the rear roller bearings, these are fitted with unique covers to prevent humidity, dust and mud from entering.

Excellent for mowing solar farms / solar fields
Because of its large offset possibility in combination with the swing arm, the S/X models are the ideal tool for mowing the grass between and underneath solar panels in solar farms or solar parks and to cut grass under board fences, along wire or rock fences and around fence posts.


1) Specially designed for cutting the grass in the vineyard and orchard, precisely cutting the grass between trees

2) Hitched with tractor, without using tractor hydraulic power

3) Avoiding rubber rings supported by bearings, no damage to the trunk

4) The value of avoidance force can be adjusted

5) With torsion bar design, could adapt to more complex terrain without damaging the machine structure.


Diagram of S3 cutting width


Patent design by professional engineer



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